Meet Rebecca

"You are quite amazing and have made my wedding a relaxed and easy experience!"

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When planning your wedding you want to surround yourself with like minded suppliers, people who just "get" your vision for your day. Deciding on your wedding planner is an important decision to get right, you will be working with them throughout the planning process as well as the day itself. In some cases they will be your only point of contact between you and all your other suppliers and so it goes without saying that you need to get to know who is going to be planning your special day.



I am a planner by nature (my friends will testify to that!) I love logistics and working out the best way to create structure to a wedding that allows a couple and their guests to experience a relaxed flow to the day. A carefully thought out timeline is like the "spanx" of your wedding day, it holds everything together allowing your day to shine. I am a bit of a creative, designing a day and creating that wow moment as you walk in to the room fills me with joy and excitement! I love the privilege of getting to be an insider at a couple's wedding, it's like getting a VIP pass at a special event, I feel very lucky!

When I am not wedding planning, I am happiest hanging out with my family having a cup of tea and cake (anything with chocolate and nutella will do - though I'm not fussy when it comes to cake!) I love to cook and bake (when I get the chance) and have a ridiculously large collection of over one hundred cook books! My top things that make me happy are definitely: that first hot cup of tea of the day, peony roses (they are so blousy and beautiful), an early night, new stationery and of course my family and lovely friends.  

I started Rebecca Barnett Wedding Design fresh out of university, I had always loved weddings and planning events and so setting up a wedding planning business has definitely been my dream job.  A lot has happened in the last 12 years or so, we've moved offices, we've rebranded, we've travelled to all corners of Scotland and even out to the islands, I got married myself in 2011 and have since had two boys, it's definitely been busy and I have loved every minute!